Endurance Mini-Course: Lesson #1

Running is a Skill: Fix Your Technique

If you Google “Marathon Training Plan” you will get a million different websites offering up a training solution. Unfortunately, very, very few of these sites (or any at all?) will start off by telling you that the first thing you need to do is learn HOW to run.

In fact, many seem to believe that people if they run enough, will just find what is “natural” for them… Which obviously explains the enormous amount of running-related injuries that occur each year (80%+).

Hopefully, you could sense my sarcasm there…

With an average of 80% of ‘runners’ suffering from some sort of running-related injury each year, it seems almost criminal to me that no one is talking about technique as the missing link in the endurance world.

Smart training from a world class coach doesn’t mean a whole lot if you just don’t know how to run as efficiently as possible.

If you were to attempt a heavy deadlift in a terrible, inefficient position, you’d:

  1. Not be as strong or powerful as you could be and
  2. Would significantly increase your chance of injury, right?

So why would you treat running any different?

You shouldn’t, and that’s why you need to think about running technique as the foundation of your running training.

Learning HOW to run is the most important factor in becoming a fast, injury free, and efficient runner.

Unfortunately, that is a task that is much easier said than done.

So where to start?

I’m a big proponent of the POSE Method to help build strong, injury-proof, running mechanics.

The great thing about POSE, and Dr. Romanov (POSE Founder) specifically is that he states that POSE running is just an analysis of the biomechanics (and physics) involved when a runner in moving as efficiently as possible.

Let that sink in for a second.

This isn’t a magical ‘technique’, it’s a scientifically derived concept/model of efficient running.

Since I’m not a fan of recreating the wheel I’d like to direct you to the folks over at POSE Tech to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about when I say “Running Mechanics”

Proper movement mechanics is the foundation of any and all training and we really need to stop ignoring the fact that you can, in fact, run incorrectly.

In fact, this incorrect and inefficient running, that millions of people do each and every day, has to lead to an astronomical injury rate amongst runners.

We’ve found that by helping our athletes move more efficiently they are able to significantly improve their performance while reducing the damage to the body and virtually eliminating injuries. I know I did when I first learned this stuff. I dropped 1:30 off of my 5k time after just completing the 6-weeks of running skills and drills work when I was shooting to max out my PFT.

The best part was I felt great afterward!

I was moving more efficiently, running faster, and expending less energy.

But there is more to increasing your aerobic endurance than just efficient movement.

In your next lesson, we’re going to talk about the role intensity plays in helping you improve your speed without out giving up your strength and power.