36″ Handmade American Flag (Betsy Ross)


These custom wooden flags are 36″ long and handmade, hand-carved, and assembled in an incredibly hot garage but man I’m pretty impressed with myself because these things are turning out great!

Piss off a liberal and grab this offensive piece of history and show the world you stand for something!

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These flags are approximately 36″ Wide x ~19.5″ Tall (The actual dimensions may vary a bit based on wood type available upon ordering) and perfect for hanging in your garage or office. The stars are hand-carved and I’m no artist (Although I’m getting better and better!) so they are NOT CNC perfect!

These are custom orders so if you’re interested contact us and we’ll work out the details!

Lead time is approximately 1-2 weeks – I’ll do my best to get it done & keep you updated of the progress!

Strategic Athlete is a USMC Veteran-Owned Small Business!


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