What People Think About Training With Strategic Athlete

I’ve been following the workouts so far, and I must say I’m pretty surprised how effective of a workout I’m getting from just bodyweight movements. As a National Guardsman, I am responsible for my own conditioning and your workouts seem to be exactly what I’ve been looking for as far as the type of conditioning I need. – Robbie

The first time I ran through the program I started at a 26:15 5k, and ended up going down to a 23:47. I waited a few months and did it again after also doing CrossFit and I’m down to a 20:45 now. – Lane

Just checking in to let you know that during the first mile of my test yesterday I blew about 30 seconds off of my typical run times. Pretty cool! – Kenyon

First off I have to say thank you. I went from having a 190-210 score on my APFT, to having a 280! I finished up week 6 unsure of my progress and sure enough, I conquered it. – Josh

First I want to tell you that your training programs are epic…. I am currently active duty Army and having used your 5K Program for about 3 months. Within the last 2 weeks, I switch to your APFT Domination program adding that to the tail end of my lifting sessions and the have paid major dividends. I’ve never been much of a runner, but I have noticed a huge difference in my sprinting and being able to maintain my split times. Plus my endurance is getting better and better. I have an APFT next week and I can’t wait to let you know how I do. Keep doing what you do!!!!! -Jay

I’ve been on the program for 3 weeks and I’ve dropped 2 minutes off of my 2-mile time! Feels great. Can’t wait to see where I am next time trial! -Nate

I got a 21 sec improvement on my 1.5-mile time making a pass on the test a bit more comfortable than cutting it fine. The biggest improvement for me was the push-ups. Was working back from a shoulder injury and went from 21 in 2 mins following a year’s rehab, up to 38 all pain-free. -Lucy

I followed your 5k and APFT prep plan over the past 5 weeks and took a pt test this morning so I wanted to update you. My sit-ups went from 60 to 74, and my run when from 15:30 to 14:27. -Jeffery

The 5k program is awesome! I was highly surprised when I saw my run time on my latest PT Test go down. I really appreciate the programming and it is so much better than logging long runs! Thanks again I love the training! – Blake

I have never ran so fast in my life! (After dropping her 1-mile time from 9:38 to 6:56) Boom. Thanks! – Ranae

“Amazing program, first time completing a program without shin pain! The drills have really helped improve my form. I’m a professional Jiu-Jitsu athlete, and this was the perfect companion to my normal training.” – Rick

I think these emails have helped me tremendously already. I ran a 20:53 Friday for a PFT to see where I was and I employed the technique that you had taught me. For only training for a short amount of time, this is amazing to see me improved already. You’ve done right by me and I thank you for what you’ve done so far with the emails. I should be running another one in April and as soon as that happens, I’ll inform you of how I did. Thanks a ton for all you’ve done. Can’t thank you enough. (This is from my free email content alone!) -Brad

Even with the busy training cycle still crushed my last run from a 42 min to 38:26 couldn’t be happier with the program and that’s with me missing a few days here and there do to work once I get back and get a more relaxed schedule Ima restart and stay true to it! Appreciate the help! -Pat

I just wanted to give you a shoutout on your program. I just finished week 1 of strategic 5K, which I’m using to prep for my upcoming APFT, and I clocked my fastest 1-mile time that I can remember, a 6:55 1 mile, as opposed to my typical 7:15 to 7:30 1 mile. So, although it sucks running, the program seems to be helping, so thanks. -Jeff

I bought the Strategic 5k training plan – worked great. Got my PFT down to 19:15 after spending several years around the 22-minute mark, all without sacrificing any strength at the gym. -Dez

I just wanted to let you know that the PFT Domination Program really works wonders! Although I admit that I didn’t follow it in verbatim due to the time crunch on deployment, I ran a 293 PFT when broken down, had 20 pull-ups, 100 crunches, and a 19:01 3-mile run. I will continue to use this program to improve myself, and also pass the word to other Marines that wish to have the same success as I did. -Daniel

I just wanted to let you know that I’m seeing great results from your program with a lot less volume… I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and I modified the “time test” to 1.5 miles for my test rather than 1 mile. A couple of weeks ago I was running a 14:15 (failing) 1.5 mile. Today I ran a 12:55 (passing) 1.5 mile. I’ve never run that fast before. -Dave

The Strategic Ruck Heavy program was spot on for what I needed to crush my Goruck Heavy. It even helped me have the strength and endurance to complete the Tough and the Light all in the same weekend. Highly recommended! -Josh

The program is great! After pretty much the whole summer spent training my deadlift was barely a 405lb last week and yesterday during the 10 minute period I crushed a 435lb pull! I feel stronger after every workout! -Tyson

Still recovering from calf soreness. But, I did take off on 1.5 mile run using pose method and cut 2 min off my usual time. Impressed me because I haven’t run in almost 3 weeks! -Justin

I am headed to TBS in a week and just completed my last PFT before checking in. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the full program but I managed to knock off nearly 2 minutes from my run time going from 23:34-21:45 in just 4 weeks. Thanks for the outstanding programming, I will continue to use it and recommend it throughout my career. I was able to improve my form and pace with every workout and I have kept my strength. Thank you again. -Dan

Just over a month ago I ordered your Strategic Squat Program. I needed something to get me out of a rut. I’ve been squatting for some time with a few ups and downs but lately, I was happy with just doing 5×5 at 50% of my best ever max. On day one I tested my max at 325 beltless. A weight that I used to do for many reps was now my max, but it was a starting point. After completing your program I hit an EASY 370 beltless back squat. The MOST I’ve ever even attempted without a belt. Your program was ALL I did those weeks and I did it at home. Thanks! -Chris

We just got the overall scores back and my PFT ended up improving by 34 points, most of which was from the 3 miles. just from the two weeks, I was able to complete after starting over again my time dropped by just over 2 minutes. I couldn’t be more grateful for the program and look forward to the end result after I completely finish. once again, thank you, sir! -Ryan

I’m feeling great. Everything you asked was doable although not always pleasurable. Went from 16:00 to 14:00 in 5 weeks. And at the end I’m not dying and winded. Thank you for a great and efficient program. -Robert

Thanks the program helped me a lot. Before I started the program I ran a 21:10. I ran 3 miles 2 days ago in 19:37 and I didn’t feel tired after. Thank you!! -Andrew

Ok… As promised, post-Annual PT Test results: Weight lowest I’ve been in years, down 24 lbs since June. Waist max points. Pushups max points. Sit Ups… 4 reps away from max points. Run… THIS is where you’ll be happy to hear the results. 1 min 4 seconds faster than last year!!! 11:18 Mile split was 7:40 Considering that I’ve been consistently in the 8:20ish Range. Consistent pace, kept my count as steady as I could… and just pushed at the end. -Jared

So I took my APFT, I did better on my run than usual, cutting about two minutes off my time. I was running two miles about 18 minutes about 3 weeks ago and I ran a 16:15, not really fast but I did improve. So I will continue to use your program and maybe look into the other programs. Thank you, Sir. – Jin

2 years ago, I failed my 2-Mile Run on the APFT with a 22:00. Over the past couple years, I improved to a 17:45-18:30 range, but was stuck for over a year and felt like I hit rock bottom. However, after doing merely one month of the 5k plan I PR’d to a 16:55!! – Irene

Hey PJ, great results I’m getting!! My previous IST run time was a trash score of 13 minutes, 45 seconds and it literally jumped up to 12.30 in a matter of 3 weeks! Your program is amazing and as I become more consistent with it, I’m excited to see what I can accomplish each time I’m tested! Thank you again! – Michelle

My main metric was my 2-mile time which improved by over 2 minutes. One side effect of the program is that it made running suck less. – Nick

I went from 24:05 (totally dead at the finish) PFT to a 22:20 using your program! – Josh

I hate running, and I felt like I sucked at it. But I’ve been working the drills you sent as best as I can between school and an off-season job. I can already see such a huge difference!! More importantly, I can feel a huge difference. I already feel like I’m gonna be able to tackle next season with a ferocity I didn’t have last year. This program is absolutely life-changing. – Amy

Hey, just wanted to let you know I just crushed my Air Force PFT test after doing your strategic athlete PFT domination program. The running in your program was about the only running I did all year as it’s been a crazy year schedule wise. It wasn’t my best run time by a long shot but not bad considering how little running this 45-year old partly broken down man did! Cheers! – Rhet

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