• Daily Warm-Ups & Activation Drills

    Start your workout off right & stay injury free

  • 3 Workouts Each Week

    Get stronger on a minimal amount of training

  • Daily Accessory Work

    Sure up weaknesses & build your conditioning

  • Mobility & Recovery

    Keep yourself injury free so you can keep kicking ass

Yeah, but does it work?

Chris was able to add 25#s to his back squat during this 4-week program

While adding 25#s may not sound like a big jump for a beginner it is a totally different story for someone who is already squatting 385 like Chris. He finished out with a 410# personal record.


Allan was able to add 30#s to his back squat

Not only did Allan crush a new personal best but was so happy he was asking me for a program to improve his press as well!



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Strategic Squat Training Program

4-Week Squat Training Program

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Daily Accessory Work

Daily Warm-Ups & Activation Drills

Daily Mobility & Recovery Tasks

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