Training Programs

Daily Workouts

5-6 sessions/week | 60mins | GPP | 14-Day Free Trial

The Strategic Foundations Team is a daily training program for people interested in improving their general physical preparedness. If you don’t have a specific goal, but just want to get stronger, fitter, look & feel better, and lose weight then this is probably the program for you.

Personal Coaching

100% Individualized Remote Personal Training Program

Work one-on-one with a coach to develop a fully customized training program designed to meet your specific goals, equipment availability, and schedule. 


Strategic 5k

3-4 sessions/week | 5-Weeks | ~45mins | Running/Endurance

This 5-Week Training Program will shave minutes off of your next 5k race or short distance run times. This stand-alone running program will improve your run times with 3 running workouts each week.

This program can be completed in conjunction with your current strength training program (In fact, that’s recommended!). Comes with a bonus 5-weeks of advanced workouts.

Strategic Endurance

5-6 sessions/week | 16-Weeks |~60mins | Running/Endurance

If you need a comprehensive training program that is focused on improving your runs times then this is it. Inside the 16-week Strategic Endurance program you’ll find 3 strength, 4-5 work capacity, and 3-4 running workouts each week.

This training program is for you if you want to develop an advanced level of running performance and never have to worry about a PT test again.


PFT Domination

3-4 sessions/week | 4-Weeks | ~45mins | Bodyweight Conditioning

The Strategic Athlete PFT Domination program is a 4-week program designed to help you improve your PFT score. Currently, there is a USMC, Army, Navy, & Air Force version developed for each branch specifically.

The best part about this program is that your results are guaranteed. If you sign up, complete the program, and not get a better score just shoot me an email and I’ll refund your purchase immediately.

Pull-Up Domination

3 sessions/week | 12-Weeks | Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Do more pull-ups.

If you wanna get better at pull-ups then you need to spend some time training, well, pull-ups. The Pull-Up Domination program includes three levels of difficulty so it doesn’t matter if you can currently do ZERO or 15 pull-ups you’ll find workouts in here to help you get better.

Strategic Bodywight

5 sessions/week | 6-Week | ~60mins | Bodyweight Conditioning

Do you need a structured strength & conditioning program but don’t have access to a gym? If you’re short on equipment, traveling, or just looking for something simple (not easy) then you’re in the right place.

This 6-week program is designed to help you improve your pull-ups, push-ups, sit-up, run times, and general work capacity with a variety of bodyweight exercises.


Strategic Strength

5 sessions/week | ~60mins | 8-Weeks | Strength

Wanna get strong? Sure you do, because being weak sucks and stronger people have more friends. This 8-week program is designed with one thing in mind, to help you get stronger. You’ll get 3-days per week of banging weights with a couple optional cardio days thrown in.

Strategic Squat

3 sessions/week | 4-Weeks | ~60mins | Strength/Squat

Wanna get stupid strong? This program can add 20+ pounds to your back squat in just 4-weeks. If you’re new to barbell strength training your results could be even better! Inside you’ll get 3 brutal but effective workouts each week

If you need a simple, effective, and brutal squat program that will build massive strength and pack size onto your legs then you’re in the right place.

Strategic LEO

5-6 sessions/week | 8-Weeks | ~60mins | Strength/GPP

This 8-Week program was designed to give you the basic strength, conditioning, endurance, and general fitness you need to stay safe, healthy, and effective on the job.

Each week you get strength, work capacity, running, and mobility/durability workouts designed to be time efficient and are guaranteed effective.


Strategic Strength & Conditioning

6+ sessions/week | ~90mins | 52-Weeks | Strength & Conditioning (Advanced)

This 12-Month training program is designed for an intermediate to an advanced athlete who is looking for a very high level of performance or looking to attend a military selection in the future. Inside you’ll find 52-weeks of strength, work capacity, endurance (run/ruck), durability, and mobility workouts.

If you’re looking for a long-term training program or are thinking about attending a selection type course in the future then you should check out this program.

All Programs Include

Your 30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Every purchase you make at Strategic Athlete is covered by an unconditional, 30-day guarantee. That means you get 30-days from your date of purchase to decide if it is right for you. Which basically means you can train completely free for a month, make huge improvements, and still get your money back if you’re not happy for any reason. If you’re not 100% thrilled, simply ask for a refund within 30-days and you get your money back, no hassles and no hard feelings. So place your order now with confidence, completely risk-free.

Free Lifetime Updates

The world is constantly changing and so is the strength & conditioning industry. With new research and knowledge coming at us everyday you deserve the best and most updated content. As we better ourselves, we’ll better your program!

100% Results Guaranteed

You put in the work, we’ll deliver the results. Thousands of athletes have completed our programs & we’re extremely confident you’ll get the results you need. You’ve got 30-days to see for yourself.

World Class Coaching

We answer every email and do our best to get you the help you need. Don’t understand a certain exercise, we’ve got you covered. Need someone to review your form, hit us up. If you’re ever stuck, shoot us an email and we’ll get you unstuck fast!

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