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Below you’ll find links to all kinds of stuff I recommend to improve your health, fitness, mobility, and general life. This list isn’t all-inclusive, obviously, but I tried to include links to stuff I think will benefit you the most. This list also only includes stuff I have personally tried and/or currently use. I’m not compensated for recommending any of this stuff (However, many links are affiliate links, which means if you click through and buy something I’ll get a small commission (which doesn’t cost you a thing).



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  • The Hustle
  • Big Later (Learn just about everything you really need to know about investing in like 3-min a day)


Full transparency: I make a small commission if you purchase using a link or coupon code listed above. I only link to and promote stuff I fully believe in and have personally tried and there is no additional cost to you when you use the links above.  

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