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In a world filled with complexity, stress, and an ever-growing to-do list it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed when we try to layer fitness & nutrition onto an already hectic life.

Especially if we don’t know what we should & shouldn’t be doing…

If factor in the hundreds of thousands of articles, magazines, blog posts, and YouTube videos out there that suck you in with headlines like:

“The 28 Squat Variations You NEED to Try!” and

“This One Weird Diet Trick That Will Shed 13#!”

Then add in the bro-science preaching the amazing benefits of things like:

  • Eat 6 meals per day or just 1 or intermittent fasting
  • or Paleo, or carnivore, or IIFYM
  • or how many sets or how many reps per set,
  • or rep ranges for strength, or hypertrophy, or endurance or…

It’s no surprise that most people don’t make much progress.

The One Weird Trick to Supercharge All of Your Results:

Do the Work

Wanna lose weight?

Start tracking everything you are sticking in your maw every day, then eat a little less this week and see what happens.

Wanna get stronger?

There are a million different programs, techniques, and “styles” but none of them matter if you are spending all your time reading about them and not lifting heavy things.

If you focus on the small details, you’ll get small results.

If you focus on the BIG foundational stuff you’ll get big results.

Training and Diet are Simple Because Your Body is Complex

The BIG stuff

  1. Lifestyle – You need to sleep more, you need to de-stress, you need to breathe, and you need to recover. If this stuff is all screwed up, nothing else is going to improve much.
  2. Diet – Track what you’re eating and weigh yourself once or twice a week, gaining weight? Eat less, lose weight? Eat more.
  3. Training – Lift-heavy shit in a bunch of different ways & sprint.

(Or you know, grab a proven training template and stop worrying about what you should be doing in the gym each day…)

I get it.

We’re always looking for the secret

The shortcut

The trick

That gets us the results we’ve always dreamed about right NOW and not 3, 6, or 12 months from now.

But you know deep down there are no secrets.

Just disciple & hard work.

So why not make it easier on yourself by only focusing on the simple stuff and not stressing out about all the details?

This is exactly why people who hire a coach (like me) get incredible results in such a short period of time.

No secrets, no magic, no weird tricks…

Just focus, accountability, and hard work.

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