Small Steps to Greatness



That’s how many walking lunge steps I’ve taken over the past 12 days.

Which means I have 3,726 steps to go over the next 18 days…

13 days ago I decided I was going to lunge 200m each and every day for 30 days, the following day I started lunging.


Because I needed a new goal, something to motivate me to go out there and get after a little bit of hard work each and every day no matter how busy I am or how shitty I feel. Believe it or not the busier I’ve gotten with coaching, training athletes, and writing workout programs the more my own personal fitness has suffered. I needed a kick in the ass and figured this would do the trick.

And you know what?

It worked.

When I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like working out I went outside and did my lunges anyway… Then I ended up getting in a 15 minute pull up/push up complex & 100 back extensions. Turned into a decent little workout.

That’s the power of having a small goal to work towards each day.

The beauty of my little self-imposed challenge is that I have zero pressure to perform well, get a great time, do an increasing number of reps, etc.

All I need to do is lunge 200m

I can go fast when I’m feeling fresh and ready to go

Or I can slow down when I’m feeling tired and beat up (Like on days 4-6)

The only thing that matters is the work. Getting the task done each and every day is the goal and it’s a small win that sets me up to have better, more productive, day.

Figuring out your vision and setting small goals to get there will motivate you to push harder, even when you don’t feel like it.

If you don’t believe me then listen to this poor Austrian farm boy tell you…

What are you working towards

Do you have a small measurable, achievable, goal to work towards?

If you do, great, but if you don’t let’s start with something small and easily achievable such as 100 push-ups a day for 30 days (or 200m of walking lunge steps). Neither one of these tasks are very complicated and I guarantee that you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment each day after completing your reps.

Whatever you choose you need to make sure you start small and specific. One of the main reasons I see people fail is they pick something too big or too broad such as “My goal is to max out the PT test” or “I want to get stronger”. If you can’t get more specific than this then you are setting yourself up for failure.

If your ultimate goal is to max out the PT test then break that down into its components and attack one component until you are confident in your ability. Need to improve your runtime? Run for 10 minutes each day, go hard, go easy, do intervals, mix it up, keep it fun, and get the work done. I bet you get faster.

Setting these small goals will give you an automatic WIN each and every day no matter what is going on in your life.

It will help you reinvigorate your current training routine

It will push you outside of your comfort zone, especially if you decide to lunge with me…

And, to steal a line from my buddy Jerred over at EndofThree Fitness, it will make you a better human.

So, what are you working towards?

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