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Last week I asked What’s Your Motivation while talking a bit about why I torture myself with GORUCK events and how I’m motivated each day by watching you guys succeed and kick ass.

Well, I got some great responses from your guys and I wanted to share show awesome stuff with you today.

Let’s go

I got an email from Hank that honestly motivated me to be a better human. I really resonated with a lot of the concepts Hank talks about as motivating him, especially when it comes to motivating my kids to be stronger (both mentally & physically), check it out:

Why I train.

I train for the unexpected and the inevitable. Like the time you run out of gas, or your car breaks down five miles from the nearest service station, or when that 150 lb rock has to be pulled from the lake bed because the water level has dropped and it’s now jutting out and can hit the boat when we dock. (Both have happened in the last year)

I train so that I am an asset, not a liability, when or if there is a SHTF scenario, like civil unrest, a fire, active shooter, or medical emergency. Physically I’m imposing so it deters the casual knucklehead from trying anything, but with training I’m dangerous to him or others that may threaten me or my family. If I have to I know I can pull my wife and children from harms way, or put them on my back and carry them. I’ve learned lifesaving skills so that I may help others when they are in need. My vision may be going (I’m legally blind, and have a degenerative eye disorder), but I can control my physical, mental, and emotional nature.

I train because I have to. Snickers may want you to think you’re not yourself when you’re hungry, but I’m not myself when I’m not active. If I have no goals or event on the calendar to train for I get lethargic, which leads to grumpiness and depression.

I train because I enjoy it! Pushing the limits, and moving beyond what I and others think is possible brings me immense joy!

I train to motivate others. I coach wrestling, when a 15-year-old tells you it isn’t fair that they can’t keep,up with you on a 6 mile run that motivates you, but you know it challenges and pushes them. I love when my three-year-old asks me why I workout and I tell her to get stronger. Her response “Daddy, you’re already strong.” I then tell her we can always be stronger. I have friends that look to me for workout advice and motivation, friends I’ve helped lose weight and get their lives under control.

I train because my body and spirit are the temple of the Risen Lord, and He deserves the best I can do for Him. I sat stale, fat, and stagnant for a long time. Which means for a long time the Holy Spirit put up with being in me when I wasn’t at my best, for the rest of my days I want to be the bestie that I can for Him, and my family. (Sorry got preachy at the end here, but it’s one of my motivators)
Hank Stamm

I’ve know Dan for a while now after meeting him in Ohio while coaching a CrossFit Endurance seminar. He has jumped into the Strategic Athlete Premium Membership with both feet and has been kicking ass. I love that he was brave enough to share how he internalized his failure in training and has used that to become a significantly stronger, faster, and better athlete.

For me… As you know, I value my career in law enforcement like no other. The reason for my training is honestly simple: I train for the unknown challenges I am guaranteed to face in the field.

In detail, the whole reason I got into CrossFit was because I found myself in a simunition training scenario prior to deployment where my partner counted on me to pull him to safety. Long story short… I failed. I couldn’t move his weight, my weight, and our mission kits the required 10 feet I needed to move them for our team to go home “safely”. I vowed to NEVER let that scenario replay itself in a future reality.

This is why I train…

Here are a couple more, hopefully, you also resonate with some of these…

I’d have to say that part of my motivation lies in being a good example to other Marines, particularly other female Marines. I want to always be able to keep up, particularly in running and hiking.

I train in order to set the example. None of my soldiers will out work me despite many of them having better genetics and age on their side. Day-to-day training is what I use as the equalizer. When I tell my soldiers that the pain in PT that they are experiencing is only a fraction of what I do to myself I always want to be honest. I love GO Ruck and the community that provides as well. My wife and I have a brand new baby girl and I am training to intimidate the fuck out of her future boyfriends.

Finding your motivation can be incredibly powerful…

If you don’t have a clear picture on just exactly what motivates you then take a few minutes and brainstorm some ideas, write them down, and lets get motivated!

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  1. Hey,

    I just loved this post. The last heading Finding your motivation can be incredibly powerful… is awesome takeaway of the post. I personally have experienced it. Until we find our powerful why; we are not living our life in true manner. We are just timepassing. When we find our ture motivation, we start living the adventure, passion and with real meaning of life.

    We experience the real happiness after achieving something which we really wanted. True motivation is very much required to go for something with zeal and patience, even though we stumble and struggle a lot.

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