[New Challenge] A posterior chain beat down


Alright, kids…

Last week I wrapped up a 30-day challenge of performing 200m of walking lunge steps each day and this week I’m announcing my next challenge and I’m hoping some of you will follow along.

Setting a small daily goal, regardless of what it is, is a great way to make marginal improvements to your health, fitness, and life in general. It will give you an opportunity to really challenge yourself, and it will hold you accountable for completing one simple thing each and every day.

I’ve talked about setting small, easily achievable goals before in the blog post Small Steps to Greatness and sent out a great article from James Clear about Marginal Gains.

Starting the day off with a mark in the win column can set you up to continue throughout the day but you don’t have to take my word for it…

Take it from the former commander of US Special Operations Command, Admiral William McRaven and make your bed every day…

Now let’s dig into my next 30-day challenge

350 Kettlebell Swings

Pretty simple huh?

That’s really it, my job over the next 30 days is to knock out 350 KB swings each day (10,500 total in the month).

Here are the “rules”

  1. They can be broken up into as many sets as you want (I’m doing sets of 25-50)
  2. You can even use whatever weight you’d like (I’m using the 1.5 pood or 53lb kettlebell)
  3. You can choose the American Swing or the Russian Swing (I’m doing the Russian Swing)
  4. You can perform them all in one workout or can break them up throughout the day
  5. You can perform them one-handed, two-handed, or combination of each

The goal is to just get the work done.

These swings will be in addition to my regular workouts so I’ll be doing all the other stuff as well (If you’re an SA member then swapping these out for your normal daily durability training will work fine for the next 30-days).

So, we are already well into day 1 and you’ve got some swinging to do so go get after it!

I’ll be sharing progress over on the Strategic Athlete Facebook Page along with the daily total so if you decide to join me make sure you check that out and share your totals with your friends, or better yet, make them do it with you.

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